While FANUC robots are equipped to handle countless manufacturing applications, circuit board assembly is one of their favourites – well, we can only assume it is. Here, the FANUC CR 7iA carefully and precisely assembles complex circuit boards.

The compact FANUC CR-7iA/L Collaborative Robot is a great option for a variety of applications, with six axes of motion, a payload capacity of 7 kg, and a somewhat broader work envelope thanks to its extended reach of 911 mm (the /L is the long arm variant). It can carry out routine manual activities with the same speed and dexterity as a person, whether in a shared workspace like an assembly area or a quality control area. Additionally, it can be installed close to a machine that a person can access for maintenance or observation. There are two sizes available for this robot: the 717 mm standard outer arm length (CR-7iA) and the 911 mm long arm variant (CR-7iA/L).

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