The process of removing paper-thin flash along the edges of plastic and composite parts has advanced significantly in recent years thanks to developments in intelligent solutions.

Force sensors allows the tool to follow a contour of a part, while controlling the speed and force applied. The end result is a more consistent finish, which is more aesthetically pleasing than was achievable a decade ago. Using an original part as a master, Force sensors can be used to automatically create accurate robot paths through the AUTO TP generation feature. This feature was developed on the basis of the tool maintaining a fixed-force against the origin part, whilst circumnavigating the profile and recording points along the way. The part location is then confirmed by the force sensor, and then the auto-generated TP from the origin part can be used on other parts to remove the unwanted flash.

Combining 2D or 3D vision and force sensing to an intelligent robot allows the robot to automatically generate the deburring path from the image taken of the part. This feature greatly reduces the setup time and is ideally suited to Batch-of-One applications that wouldn’t lend themselves to robotic solutions in the past.


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