At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) we’ve been working with the paint finishing and coating industry for over 20 years. Much of our paint division has been with us for almost all that time, our automation experts are passionate about paint.

Painting robots and dispensing robots are suitable for a wide variety of painting and coating applications. Paint Robots offer optimised working envelopes, maximised throughput, high yield and repeatable quality. With most models designed to operate in hazardous environments Fanuc Painting Robots are compatible with many different paint guns and automated applicators including Electrostatic applicators (air or bell), HVLP and even glue dispensing, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) work with all major suppliers and can tailor a custom solution that meets your industrial manufacturing and painting requirements.

Robotic paint automation results in a consistent film thickness while optimising coverage, visual appearance and reduced raw material consumption. A well-engineered system is capable of improving your parts appearance , First Time Quality (FTQ) and productivity – enabling your business to compete in a global market.

Benefits of Paint Robots

✓ Reduction in waste at the point source of origin

Modern paint robot systems far exceed the transfer efficiency and material utilisation when compared to traditional spray guns and spray systems. Paint Robots are easy to program and the robots deliver the same high-quality finish time after time. You can depend on the proven Fanuc Robot technology to increase your competitive advantage.

✓ Increased uptime

Painting Robots don’t go on breaks or stop to mix more paint. You can expect high equipment uptimes, repeatable and consistent part finish and stability in your process.

✓ Reduced volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions

2-component paints (2k) contain damaging solvents and isocyanate components that may be harmful when atomized. Painting robots reduce the exposure to your personnel and reduces or mitigates the OH&S risk to your business.

✓ Improved safety in hazardous working environments

Atomised solvents found in paint materials generates a potentially explosive environment.
Fanuc Painting Robots are Intrinsically safe, meaning they are suitable for Hazardous environments.

✓ Flexible solutions

Automated paint robotic solutions can be designed for solvent borne, waterborne as well as 2-component and 3-component systems. We can tailor a solution which meets your needs.

✓ Reduction in Rework & Repair Rates

The consistent nature of robotic application leads to a reduction in warranty recalls, claims and customer rejections. Rework due to manual application error is eliminated as Paint Robots provide you with total control of your process.

✓ Optimisation of Film Build

Paint robots have the capacity to alter application parameters on the run, including fan and atomisation air profiles, bell speed, flow rate, electrostatic charge and angle of attack. Giving you total control to optimise your film build and visual appearance.

Fanuc Industrial Paint Robot Range

With over 20 years experience in robotics, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) exclusively install Fanuc paint robots for their superior quality and functional reliability. Fanuc also boasts the industry’s widest range of paint robots for any painting or coating application. Fanuc paint robots use state of the art technology in a form that is user friendly and simple to use.

Benefits of choosing Fanuc Paint Robots

✓ Highly Flexible

Fanuc paint robots can be configured with a range of floor, wall, angle and ceiling mounted options as well as the choice to select left or right-hand arms. This offers you total freedom and versatility in process design, layout optimisation and improved maintenance access for servicing.

✓ Maximum Adaptability

Fanuc paint robots offer high arm and wrist payload which supports both gun applicators and a variety of rotary atomisers. Payloads of up to 15 kg on the short (700 mm) arm variant and 10 kg on the longer (900 mm) outer arm variant are possible.

✓ Great Reliability

Fanuc Paint Robots can be configured with some of the application hardware packaged inside of the robot arm which provides rapid, accurate and consistent performance.

✓ Cost Effective

The lightweight aluminium arm fitted to Fanuc paint robots saves money by lowering energy costs, requiring less power to operate and provides additional safety benefits since there is no risk of ignition should a collision occur.

✓ Hollow Wrist Design

Fanuc Paint Robots have a hollow wrist design. Cabling and services are routed through the robot arm, eliminating both the risk of cable catching and contamination from paint debris that may fall from exposed hoses. The in-arm hose design allows for tight manoeuvring, while the narrow forearm allows for easy manipulation around parts.

✓ Integrated Process Control

With in-arm process control, your paint material is delivered directly to the robot. The integrated fluid handling abilities of the Fanuc robot ensure the material is mixed to the correct ratio and delivered efficiently to the applicator. Minimising downtime and maximising the control of your painting process

✓ Conveyor Tracking

The line tracking capabilities of the Fanuc PaintTool software allow the robot to paint while the parts are constantly in motion. Effectively expanding the working envelope of your robot while ensuring that your production rates are maintained.

If you are looking for a paint robot with flexibility, strength, speed, and reliability check out the range of Fanuc paint robots below.


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