ASA is a globally engaged automation company

Automated Solutions Australia is a globally engaged automation company.

Having worked with many different suppliers and systems from all over the world, ASA is uniquely placed to bring the world’s best practice back to home shores as an Australian based Automation Company.

As a globally engaged automation company we understand how different markets have different priorities and needs, and we are well placed to work within the different regions. We have well developed global connections and use these to our advantage when it comes time to automate your project. Our global advantage allows you to take advantage of a broader range of products and a more personalized solution, as well as greater potential for integration with existing systems.

How ASA Can Develop your potential through Automation

Most industries can benefit from increased automation, and ASA is here to help you achieve that benefit. We are an automation company providing robot solutions for material handling, machine tending, industrial processing and more. Our Fanuc robots and associated systems can increase productivity for you through faster processing and greater control. Efficiency can be increased by reduction of waste and safety can be improved by removing personnel from potentially hazardous environments. Reliability and equipment uptime are key to improving production capacity and reduced costs in manufacturing. Fanuc industrial robots are known worldwide for their high reliability, and long service intervals. Coupled with our careful selection of high end industrial control equipment, you can expect many years of trouble free operation. As a local automation company we can work with you to determine the best solution which meets your specific situation and needs. We then make sure we provide ongoing support for the life of the installed solution via our technical support engineers and provide automated facility support and regular maintenance and servicing.

Talk to us About Our Services as a Full Spectrum Automation Company

ASA is a full spectrum automation company with a broad base of expertise through all areas of robotic automation and machinery integration. Whether it be project management, installation engineering, mechanical design, process engineering, or software and PLC engineering we have experienced and skilled staff ready to work with you to achieve your goals. We are a local automation company with global experience and a commitment to serve your business. Get in touch today to see how we can help you.

ASA is your reliable choice for all your automation needs. Contact us for superior results today.

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