Automated Solutions Australia Enhances System Understanding Through Industry Leading Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) technology

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), take pride in providing a world class solution to any production need. As the world develops, requiring further automation and controls work, ASA develops with it. Across the last 20 years, we have built a team of highly skilled and dedicated automation engineers which work with the latest automation and HMI technology available.

The ideal Human Machine Interface clearly and concisely displays current and useful information to the equipment operator, enabling intuitive use of the HMI to control the equipment or machinery. With our capabilities to design an interface for Data acquisition, information display, charting and status indication, our HMI’s can be used by even the most inexperienced operator.

By understanding your process in detail, we are able to design an interface specific to your needs. From single machine operation cells to factory wide automation cells, the use of SCADA and Database connectivity work seamlessly with our HMI’s on the production floor. In most cases, all HMI information can be displayed remotely if required to better facilitate remote support and production monitoring.

How can our Industry leading Human Machine Interfaces help you?

By presenting information in a clear and concise manner, your operators are able to be more effective by truly understanding the machines status, gaining valuable insight and helping to extract vital manufacturing information.

At ASA, we strive to provide this in the most intuitive format possible, using our industry proven human machine interface technology. These systems allow you to understand your process to an even deeper level, with faster diagnostic abilities and issue resolution possible through simple information display and process understanding.

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If you are searching for an automation solution today, look no further, as ASA can provide an industry leading HMI solution for you. Our dedicated and knowledgeable engineers can walk you through the process of introducing your first robot and human machine interface ensuring a seamless integration into your manufacturing facility.

ASA is your reliable choice for all your human machine interface needs. Contact us for superior results today.

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