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At ASA our goal is to provide perfect plastic paint finish to our customers, to allow them to produce the highest quality of painted components they can. With the added benefit of reducing cost of overheads, reduction of waste and reduced VOC emissions when compared to manual application of plastic paint. Utilising a range of robotic plastic paint systems, we are able to provide full prime and topcoat coverage on all plastic painted components. Integration of plastic painting robots into your paint operation guarantees reliable and repeatable plastic paint finish all year round.

How does Automated Solutions use Robotics to achieve Perfect Plastic Painting Quality.

Through the use of specialised robot painting simulation software, ASA is able to control all variables in plastic paint application. Through the paint robot we are able to control all aspects of the paint applicator with extreme precision. This precision plastic paint application enables improved paint transfer efficiency to the part and reduces material consumption and wastage. We can provide many different types of paint guns or paint applicators that integrate seamlessly with the robot to achieve the high quality plastic paint finish you desire.

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Have you a need for Plastics Paint? Are you after increased throughput for your production? At ASA we are able to provide state-of-the-art robotic technology to improve your plastic paint finish. Our team of experienced and diverse engineers are here to advise you on the latest in robotic plastic paint application and come equipped with the knowledge and experience, having worked in many global OEM automotive paint facilities to improve your plastic component paint finish.

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