Our customer, provides productivity solutions to various sectors working in the minerals handling and processing domain, provides large-scale metal structures that needed to be welded. Each individual structure requires weeks and weeks of welding, which comes with the difficulties of keeping employees motivated on the project and the ergonomics of bending over (on the task) for weeks and weeks at a time, for eight hours a day. The client came to Automated Solutions Australia, to understand what better solutions exist for this kind of manufacturing process.

Our Solution:

ASA was able to draw on global best practice to provide an innovative robotic solution for this application, eliminating ergonomic issues and reducing cycle time.
Our solution involved using a FANUC ARC Mate 120iD/12L, with automatic path finding software, which resolves the time-consuming programming task and generates the robot path.

The FANUC ARC Mate 120iD/12L is an excellent all-around welding robot with a small articulated design that allows it to weld in tight jigs. Due to its inherent rigidity, it has a redesigned drive train that allows for substantially greater axis speeds and a repeatability of +/- 0.02 mm. For maximum operational flexibility, the FANUC ARC Mate 120iD/12L has a large working envelope and can reach close to its own base.

ASA integrates a wide range of FANUC welding robots across several different manufacturing applications. FANUC robots provide the industry with the largest selection of industrial robots and cobots for Arc, Spot, and Laser welding. FANUC has welding robots for almost every task size, reach, and payload to meet your individual manufacturing requirements.
To read more about the ARC Mate 120ID 12/L, click here.

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