Our client, a merchant, distributor, and importer of different chemicals and products for general industries, initially required a robot to tend their OKUMA CNC machine. Ultimately, they needed a continuous operation on high-volume projects that require manufacturing, but they also required the addition of gauging, post-process, for quality control measures.


To tend the CNC machine, we originally installed a FANUC M710iC/45, to meet the payload requirements, as well as necessary work envelope.

*Pictured are robots from the FANUC M710 series tending a CNC *

We then returned to integrate a part stocker for 24-hour gauged operation in between tending the machine tool. Gauging involves measuring a rotating workpiece through continuous contact during the machining process. The result – the gauge is integrated into the harsh machining environment, where it is repeatedly introduced to the part between cycles, ultimately ensuring quality control. At the same time, the robot’s efficiency is improved, instead of it being idle during machining.

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