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In today’s manufacturing environment, the use of machinery to automate systems or production processes is referred to as automation. Furthermore, the ultimate objective of automation is to increase efficiency through increased production capacity and decreased costs. 

Benefits of Automation:

• Reduced downtime with machinery able to operate around the clock.

• Increased throughput through optimisation of processes.
• Predictable maintenance schedules.
• More competitive globally.
• Consistent and improved part production, as tolerances are improved.
• Improved worker safety through reduction of potential hazzards.
• Smaller environmental footprint through reduction of waste at the point source of origin.
• Better ability plan and schedule production.



Automation is used by manufacturers to promote accuracy, uniformity, and improved operational efficiency. Here at Automated Solutions Australia, we carefully determine your needs and pain points to align you with a bespoke solution. Naturally, we do this through a Needs Analysis. We bring our expertise from around the world, to your facility, and guide you on what can be automated, and how your production facility might look in the future. You can read more about our Needs Analysis here.

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