When the setup of your robotic cell is constrained by space, the FANUC R-2000iB/200T is intended to be top- or rail-mounted to save you floor space and give you flexibility. Additionally, being rail mounted allows you to maintain numerous machines, which can lower your overall investment costs.

The R-2000iB/20T rail’s length and direction (vertical or horizontal) are both individualised (adjustable). It can therefore be applied to a wide range of applications.




When heavy workpieces are necessary, this robot is used in multi-machine tending, pick, and packing tasks. It has a rigid arm, a slim wrist, six adjustable axes, and a 2208mm reach (robot only, its true reach depends on rail length).
We have installed 3 of their predecessors, R2000iA/200T to tend 3 large 3600T moulding machines.
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