At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we take a dedicated approach in meeting our client’s needs. Our services include initially meeting with the customer to understand their manufacturing processes. Through critical processes analysis, we are able to identify any opportunities, in the form of bottle necks, delivery issues, or constraints imposed by batch processing, that the customer may have.

Moving forward, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) can then work with the client to identify where best practice from around the world can be employed to improve the cost, quality, throughput and robustness of their system. We can look at increasing manufacturing flexibility, decreasing production labour requirements, and optimizing material usage. We take great pride in the services we offer.

Once an opportunity has been identified, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) can complete a concept process study for the customer, either as a laboratory demonstration, or as a computer based simulation. This allows the customer to visualize the solution being offered, including cycle times, output, material usage, and other factors critical to the projects implementation into a production environment no matter how simple or complex the requirement is.

Needs Analysis

Through experience and our use of best practice, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is in a unique position to identify potential opportunities within your current manufacturing processes through a Needs Analysis. Why A Needs Analysis? A Needs Analysis can identify bottle necks, constraints imposed by batch processing, issues with environmental compliance, manufacturing flexibility limitations, and areas …

Design Concepting and Simulation

Design, Concepting and Simulation- Offline Programming Capabilities When it comes to Design Concepting and Simulation, with the use of simulated CAD programs, Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) can determine robot configurations and cycle times BEFORE a robot cell is bought, or put into production. As a result, our clients see the product and the effect on …




Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is geared towards providing your organisation with customised training solutions. Training: This training can be customised to your site, and includes programming, electrical and mechanical maintenance and troubleshooting and safe equipment operation. Your experience is customised through a detailed analysis of customer needs, customization of standard product classes and the development …

Robot Servicing

Automated Solutions Australia is a leading provider of aftermarket FANUC service and support to the Australian Market Automated Solutions Australia - FANUC Robot Service and Support At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we understand every customer’s needs are different. We also understand that FANUC support and robot servicing needs to be adaptable and be flexible to …

Automated Facilities Support

Automated Facilities Support Agreements, or AFSA’s, represent a partnered investment in best practice and continuous improvement for the client. Automated Facilities Support: As part of an AFSA, skilled professionals are placed on site, to target improvements in manufacturing and optimise daily performance. These agreements are measured on the following key performance indicators: Increased equipment uptime …

At Automated Solutions Australia we take great pride in our cusotmer relations. No matter the goal and application required, whether it be Paint Finishing Melbourne, Paint Finishing Adelaide, or other applications Australia wide. Automated Solutions Australia are your ideal FANUC intergrator. Talk to us about all of our Services today, by contacting one of our experts on 1800 ROBOTS.

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