FANUC’s Best in Class Robots:

At ASA, we are huge fans of these heavy-duty FANUC robots. FANUC is committed to creating best in class robots to meet the requirements of a wide array of industries. FANUC are the experts when it comes to automotive assembly robots, material handling robots, small assembly robots, robotic packaging, and robots for painting, sealing, and dispensing. At Automated Solutions Australia, we offer Fanuc robots for a variety of manufacturing solutions in automotive, defence, aerospace, medical, machined & fabricated metals, food & beverage, foundry, consumer goods and electronics and energy. And we particular love these heavy-duty beasts. We are like a kid in a candy store every time one lands on our shop floor.

At ASA, we only use Fanuc robots as we strive for the best robotic solutions for your application. The robots made by FANUC are incredibly flexible and simple to use. Additionally, we can assist you in choosing the ideal arc welding robot, material removal robot, or machine tending robot (for deburring, milling, grinding or drilling). We provide robots for applications such as palletizing, part transfer, spot welding, assembly, dispensing, and sealing. We also offer specially designed robots for pick-and-place or pack-and-place operations.

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