The Fanuc P-250 robot is arguably the most flexible and advanced 6-axis robot available in the Fanuc robot range for painting and fiberglass applications.

The Fanuc P-250 robot is adaptable in its mounting configuration, being able to be wall or ceiling hung, or floor mounted, to meet the needs of differing applications. At the same time, the Fanuc P-250- robot has a high 15 kg applicator payload, allowing for it to be fitted with a broad range of rotary atomizers or multi-headed spray guns. The Fanuc P-250 robot also comes with the option of a non-conductive wrist and arm cover, to facilitate better electrostatic transfer to the substrate in Automatic Painting Applications.

The design of the Fanuc P250 robot is such that its open architecture allows for the integration of many different standard application packages or third-party integrated process equipment. This includes 2-component integral process control (IPC), 1-component closed loop fluid control, and direct charge waterborne cannister systems.

The Fanuc P-250 robot design offers the flexibility of left hand or right-hand configurations to maintain symmetry within the booth, and there is the option for single or dual integrated process axes for part rotation, positioning or control of other process equipment.

The integrated fluid handling packages allow total control of your paint application parameters, all from the robots teach pendant . This adaptable Fanuc P-250 robot is an industry leader.


Fanuc P-350/45 Paint Robot

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