SR-3iA SCARA Robot for Smaller Scale Robot Assembly

The FANUC SR-3iA Scara Robot is appropriate for small scale robotic assembly, pick-and-place, inspection, and packing applications because of its 3 kg payload, 400 mm horizontal reach, and 200 mm vertical reach. The FANUC SR-3iA’s light design, compact size, and integrated services lower the possibility of interference with peripheral devices while operating inside a 360° envelope.

SR-3iA SCARA Robot Applications

  • Assembly
  • Part Transfer
  • Dispensing

FANUC SR-3iA SCARA Robot Features

FANUC SCARA robots replace the FANUC iPendant Touch with iRProgrammer, a web based interface that enables the robot to be programmed simply using a tablet or desktop computer.

The FANUC SR-3iA SCARA robot is very quick and exact, making it the optimal option for improving output.

The FANUC SR-3iA is also available with equipment options for bottom cable exit and wall installation.

The new R-30iB Compact Plus controller optimises limited space by incorporating functions like as iRVision, iRPickTool, force detection, and conveyor tracking.

How can Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) Help?

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is your ideal FANUC industrial and FANUC collaborative robot integrator. Our engineering team at ASA are FANUC robot specialists, from concept to system designs, installations, programming, and support. At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we love helping Australian companies of all sizes reach their automation goals.This lets Australian manufacturers compete on the world stage. Phone Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) today on 1800-ROBOTS (1800-762-687).

If you’re looking for a precise, high speed robot with an small payload, get in touch with us today to see if the FANUC SR-3iA SCARA Robot is the right robot for your application.


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