Automated Applications


Painting robots and dispensing robots are used for a wide variety of painting and coatingapplications. Paint Robots offer optimised working envelopes, maximised throughput, high yield and repeatable quality.

Automated Applications- Welding

ASA are able to integrate a range of FANUC welding robots. FANUC robots provide the industry with the largest choice of industrial robots and cobots for arc, spot, and laser welding. FANUC have welding robots for every task size, reach, and payload to meet your individual needs.

Automated Applications – Palletising

Whether you are depalletising goods at the beginning of your line, or palletising finished product at the end. At ASA we are able to offer a range of FANUC palletising robots to suit your needs. These robots have been developed  give industry leading payloads and short cycle times.

Automated Applications – Machine Tool Tending

Common machine tool tending applications include lathe and milling and machine load and unload. As well as moulding machine top loading, and press tending. The key common design concept in these applications is to maximise the uptime of the primary machine tool.

Applications- Robotic Vision Inspections Systems

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) choose FANUC robots for robotic vision inspection systems. FANUC is the only distributer of industrial robots and cobots that combines its own proprietary vision technology. With inspection robots – every new FANUC robot is “iRVision Ready.” iRVision is a unique, fully-integrated visual detection technology.

Automated Applications- Plastics Painting

The term “innovate or evaporate” is commonly used across the industry. Manufacturers can’t afford to waste paint through poor transfer efficiency. Plastics painting robots offer a repeatable solution, where high voltage electrostatics can be deployed. This is done using either conventional spray guns, or rotary atomisers (more commonly known as bells).

Automated Applications- Materials Handling

Need to move your parts? ASA offers a range of FANUC materials handling robots. With payloads ranging from 0.5 kg to 2300 kg, FANUC‘s robot lineup is the most robust in the market.

Automated Applications- Deburring and Polishing

A robotic automation solution reduces risk, whilst resolving complex motion and positioning requirements. As well as employing a much more robust mechanism for force sensing and determining tool wear. The outcome is a repeatable and more consistent part for the end user.

Fibreglass and Gelcoat Robots

Boat, Swimming Pool, Caravan and general composite manufacturers turn to robotic solutions for fibreglass and gel coat applications.The impact of increasing environmental laws, is one reason. Rising material costs, and pressure to be innovative are further reasons.

Sealing and Dispensing

Sealing and Dispensing Robots can be used to apply Adhesives, Glues, Epoxy and Urethane. Automotive Seam Seal Dispensing, Liquid Applied Sound Dampener (LASD), Beta-Foam make up many more.

Picking and Packing

Picking and packing procedures demand a lot in today’s quick production environments. This includes consistent speed, reliability, inspection, sorting, precision, and dexterity. Picking and Packaging Robots are capable of picking and packing either primary or secondary products. This is all whilst at a steady high speed without the need for breaks.

Material Removal Robots

Robotic sanding, robotic grinding, and other finishing and material removal tasks pose risks to the health and safety of workers. Using material removal robots for these tasks increases safety. This lowers health risks, while also giving manufacturers a solution to worker shortage issues that are often experienced.

Shot Blasting and Peening

Robotic shot blasting and peening can give your business the competitive edge. Reducing operating costs and risk that come with manual operation of blasting equipment, are some examples.



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