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Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) specialises in automation solutions for the manufacturing sector, our mission is to be the best robotics integrator in Australia. With 20 years of experience in designing, engineering and integrating bespoke robotic solutions, ASA has established long-term relationships with clients across different sectors.

We have remained dedicated to the automotive, manufacturing, defence and aerospace sectors, enhancing productivity and increasing profit margins for our customers. ASA boasts the capability to determine optimal robot configurations alongside cycle times in a virtual space before clients purchase a robot. Additionally, ASA can complete a simulation, permitting clients to visualise the end manufacturing process outcome in their facility

ASA also takes pride in offering services overseas, commissioning systems globally. Our recent outstanding performance has seen our skilled teams travel to India, China, Mexico, Argentina, New Zealand, Thailand, the USA and Canada. Due to our quality services, ASA has established beneficial partnerships with our global clients. Our global footprint for projects implemented abroad continues to steadily grow thanks to our high customer retention rates and the willingness of our teams to continually go above and beyond.

Support Robotics Australia

As a leading robotics company in Australia, ASA values its client-oriented approach. For this reason, we offer onsite support, servicing, and training to our clients. The support we provide includes consultative needs analysis, training and project integration and automation facilities. We have skilled process engineers, project and software engineers and installation engineers for turnkey implementation of the solutions we design.

Additionally, ASA takes pride in robot servicing for our esteemed clients, which we do annually. Our team understands that robots work effortlessly for more extended periods of time. As such, servicing is essential to ensure that your robots remain functional and in good condition. We replace batteries and check wear and tear to enhance the robot’s motion accuracy, and uptime

ASA is also dedicated to offering customised training solutions to our clients. The training involves mechanical and electrical maintenance, safe machine operation, troubleshooting and programming. We can also arrange to perform the activity at our client’s site.

Recommended Robotics in Australia

ASA is today’s solution for quality and consistent robotic services in Australia. Nowadays, the complexity experienced in integrating applications on assembly lines calls for engineers to drive for the utmost quality. ASA has a skilled team that provides effective, comprehensive, quality design, construction and integrated facilities to the Australian robotics sector.

Essentially, we emphasise increasing throughput and sturdiness in daily production to the Australian robotics sector. As a result, the robotic systems implemented by ASA can increase productivity, lower labour costs, and minimise the waste produced at the initial source point.

It is through our integrated approach that ASA strives to become an entrusted partner in your manufacturing operations. For these reasons, you can trust us to help you increase the productivity of your manufacturing business as you enjoy our innovative applications. Our communication lines are open 24/7 since we are ready to assist you in any way we can.

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