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Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm – The Benefits

The primary reason driving the global robotics market is the growing need to lower operating costs in manufacturing facilities. In order to lower costs, you must lower production-process errors, wastage of raw materials, and accident rates in the workplace. Therefore the addition of robotic arms increases technological flexibility and productivity. Removing operators from potentially hazardous tasks by integrating a robot arm also increases the standard of safety in the workplace.

A robotic arm is usable in many industries, because it can carry out intricate, repetitive tasks with high accuracy even in dangerous situations.

What is a ‘Robotic Arm?’

A programmable robotic arm is essentially a kinematic chain of movable joints that rotate and/or have a linear displacement. Moreover, they function in a similar way to a human arm, without the same danger of harm. In addition, a robotic arm has an end effector, which is essentially to replace the human hand. Therefore connected components coupled with the programming determine what the end effector does. Robotic arms are flexible and useful in a variety of working settings. As a result, they are fast, reliable, and accurate and can be programmed to do a large number of tasks in a variety of environments. Robotic arms are truly revolutionsing a vast array of industries.

Industries/Applications Benefiting From a Robotic Arm

Today, every scale of manufacturing, including high-volume, heavy industries like the automotive production lines and a wide variety of pick and place applications, use robotic arms of various types. Thus automation of the process of loading items or products onto pallets, is possible with a robotic arm. Additionally, palletising becomes more precise, cost effective, and reliable when it is automated with a robotic arm. Other applications benefiting from a robotic arm include; machine tool tending, welding, paint, assembly, fibreglass and gelcoat, materials handling, and more.

Depending on the application, the end effector, or robotic hand, can be built to carry out any desired task, including welding, grasping, spinning, etc. For instance, in automotive assembly lines, a robotic arm can carry out a range of operations like welding and the rotation and placement of parts during assembly.

A robotic arm allows for the freedom of human workers from dangerous jobs that could result in physical harm. Additionally, when it comes to cobots, humans can also work safely alongside robotic arms, or in the case of cobots, can work in total collaboration with them.

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