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Industrial robotic technology is widely adopted by the automotive production industry.

Robots are used in almost every aspect of the automobile production process. The industry’s supply chains continue to be among the most automated in the world.

Automotive Robot Applications:


Because the paint job must be extremely consistent over a broad painted area to achieve high levels of gloss and distinction of image (DI), this makes the application ideal for robots. Additionally, limiting the quantity of wasted material by putting the paint where it needs to be, and using technologies that can significantly increase the transfer efficiency of the paint, can result in significant savings over time.


Since every automobile requires numerous welds before it is finished, robotic welding is the most popular robotic application in automobile assembly.

Automated Assemblies:

Robots can carry out operations like wheel mounting and windshield installation, to speed up production, and provide a repeatable outcome, where these operations may contribute to repeat warranty concerns.

Material Elimination:

Robots are excellent for material removal activities, such as trim and cutting, due to their high uniformity and reproducibility. Force sensing technology can be added, for improved outcomes.

Machine maintenance and part transfer:

The safest way to complete dangerous tasks (like pouring molten metal, moving metal stamps, and loading and unloading CNC machines) is with a robot.


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Automotive industry

Automotive industry

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