Payload is the weight a FANUC robot can lift at its end effector, otherwise known as the payload capacity. The payload is a crucial factor to take into consideration when choosing a FANUC industrial robot, as the combined weight of the end effector, and what it is lifting, must fall under these limits. We assure you there are plenty of FANUC robots that would have even the toughest of us covered.

Many people mistakenly believe that payload just refers to the weight of the objects the robot is handling, but it also includes any brackets and end-of-arm tools (EOATs) that are attached to the robot wrist. Important other considerations include bending moment and moment of inertia when handling products with a centre of mass a long way from the robots wrist.

FANUC are renowned for making the world’s strongest robots. With a range spanning from the small human arm size LR MATE series, with the 200iD payload at 5kg, right through to the M2000iA with a payload of an incredible 2300kg, there is something in the range for every application.

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