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Robot Welding Cell
Robot Welding Cell
Robot Welding Cell

What is a Robot Welding Cell?

A robot welding cell is a confined space that houses welding robots. Thus allowing robotic arms to move freely and navigate without the risk of damaging other components or harming operators. Additionally, these cells are equipped with metallic barriers, welding robots, and essential components. These can include torches, power supplies, robotic positioners, and other welding fixtures. Additionally, they include safety equipment.

Optimise Your Manufacturing Process with a Robot Welding Cell

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is your go-to expert for integrating a range of FANUC robots for your robot welding cell. Our specialisation in advanced robot welding cells ensures that you get the most efficient automation technology available.

Robot Welding Cell With FANUC ARC Mate Robots

A robot welding cell, incorporating FANUC’s ARC Mate series, offers unparalleled versatility in welding applications. These robots, with payload capacities ranging from 7 kg to 25 kg and reach from 911 mm to 3123 mm, are perfect for a variety of industrial arc welding applications. Whether it’s MIG, TIG, plasma, or laser welding, our robot welding cells are designed to meet your specific needs.

Benefits of a Robot Welding Cell

Enhanced Flexibility: The flexible robotic arm can reach and weld in difficult spaces, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Operator Safety: The cell barrier protects operators from unwanted glare and splatter, ensuring a safer working environment. Additionally, FANUC robots all have several accessories to enhance their flexibility and make your arc welding procedures safer.

Optimised Layout: The robotic arm can move within the well-engineered cell layout without interfering with other equipment or manual workspaces, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Welding Capabilities

The FANUC ARC Mate series offers robust capabilities for arc and spot welding.  Moreover, these robots are equipped with multiple accessories to enhance flexibility and efficiency, making your welding processes safer and more effective. For spot welding, FANUC’s R-2000 and R-1000 series provide exceptional precision and quality, with the ability to access tight spots without compromising accuracy.

Operational Benefits of a Robot Welding Cell

Consistent Quality: The automated weld robot produces consistent, uniform, and high-quality results.

Reliable Performance: The predictable performance of the robot makes it easy to tackle precise jobs, especially when demands fluctuate.

Increased Productivity:  Enhance productivity for manufacturers. At ASA we have also seen an increase in robotic welding integration due to welder shortages and in remote areas. Welding robotically means you will always have an expert on hand for the job.

Cost Efficiency: Finally, robots roduce repeatable results at a consistent speed with less waste compared to manual welding, improving the cost efficiency of the process.

Why Choose Automated Solutions Australia?

Automated Solutions Australia is a leader in the integration of FANUC industrial and collaborative robots. Our team of FANUC robot specialists handles everything from concept to system design, installation, programming, and ongoing support. We are committed to helping Australian businesses achieve their automation goals, build sovereign capability, and compete on the global stage.

Whether you are a large manufacturer or an SME, ASA has the expertise to provide you with the ideal robot welding cell solution. So contact Automated Solutions Australia today at 1800-ROBOTS to explore the FANUC robot range and discover how our advanced welding automation solutions can transform your manufacturing processes.

Integrating a robot welding cell in conjunction with the expertise we offer at Automated Solutions Australia means embracing the future of welding automation. Therefore, with the industry’s largest selection of FANUC robots, we guarantee the highest quality, precision, and efficiency for your welding needs. Reach out to ASA today and let us help you optimize your production with our state-of-the-art robot welding cells.

Robot Welding Cell
Robot Welding Cell
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