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Michael Boonzaayer
Michael Boonzaayer

We say it often – our people are our point of differentiation. They are what makes ASA, ASA. And when you’ve had someone who is a part of the vernacular of the company for 20 years, you need to stop and reflect on the enormity of that. We are thrilled to celebrate Michael Boonzaayer, our Process Engineering Manager, who recently marked 20 years with the company. Mike, as he is affectionately known, has been relentless in the pursuit of excellence across two decades with the company.

Mike began his career at ASA with a passion for tinkering and understanding how things work, which evolved into an interest in robotic automation. His early years were defined by hands on roles, where he installed and troubleshooted electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic installations. This foundational experience provided Michael with an extensive understanding of system operations from the ground up, laying the groundwork for his future achievements.

Pat Green, Director of ASA remembers ‘From the moment Mike joined ASA, we’ve affectionately known him as our very own ‘MacGyver’ for his ingenuity and perseverance. His passion for engineering, combined with his hands on expertise in robotics, set him apart right from the start. Over the years, Mike’s dedication and innovative spirit have not only driven our projects to success but have also inspired countless colleagues. His journey from an enthusiastic beginner to a seasoned Process Engineering Manager embodies the excellence we strive for at ASA’

Michael’s first installation was at Holden’s Elizabeth plant in Adelaide, where he worked on the installation of over 40 paint robots, supported breakdowns, and drove continuous improvement activities. His extensive knowledge and ability to troubleshoot quickly became a cornerstone of his success.

It became obvious very quickly that Michael’s career trajectory was always going to be one with remarkable achievements and continuous growth. His hard work and dedication have never wavered, and he now stands as our Process Engineering Manager, mentoring colleagues coming through in the same role he started in, whilst also taking overall responsibility for the offline programming department.

Michael’s work has taken him around the world, including countries like Egypt, China, Mexico, India, America, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, and Korea. His ability to immerse himself in different cultures and form strong relationships with customers has been instrumental in his success. Michael’s commitment to working with customers, rather than just for them, has fostered a collaborative environment where projects are completed on time, within budget, and with exceptional quality.

Company Director of ASA Pat Green reflects ‘Michael’s ability to build and maintain strong relationships with our customers is the cornerstone of our success. His collaborative approach and commitment to working with customers have fostered trust. Our customers have become Mike’s friends and his impact on our company and our clients is truly remarkable.”

Michael himself reflects on a wonderful 20 years at ASA ‘As I look back on my time with ASA, the moments that stand out most are the ones where we faced the ‘unsolvable’ problems head on and found innovative solutions together. These challenges have not only fuelled my passion for engineering but have also forged friendships that will last a lifetime. It’s been a privilege to grow and learn with such an incredible team.’

As we celebrate Mike’s 20-year milestone, we look forward to many more years of innovation, collaboration, and success. Mike’s personal journey is an inspiration to all of us at ASA, and we are proud to have him as a key member of our team. Here’s to Michael and the incredible impact he continues to make in robotics, locally and abroad.

Michael Boonzaayer

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