FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot Highlights

With the longest reach and the heaviest payload of 35kg, the FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot is FANUC’s largest collaborative robot. Its ability to lift heavy loads over long distances, while being extremely reliable and safe to use around people, is unmatched. This cobot can perform or assist with tasks which might normally be considered within the realm of traditional robots. It has significant potential for improving your workflow and removing the burden of manual labour from your workers, allowing them to focus on technical skill and detail. All of this, without needing your workspace to be significantly modified, or jeopardising your employees’ safety, or access.

FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot- Collaboration 

The FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot is designed to work beside humans on heavy, repetitive tasks, in industries such as automotive, packing, distribution, and metalworking. This cobot will free workers up to conduct more technically demanding jobs, while simultaneously protecting your team from strain and work-related ailments. In general, it increases production, improves employee health and safety, and makes your company more competitive, by working together.

How can Automated Solutions (ASA) help?

Automated Solutions Australia has been integrating FANUC robots for two decades. ASA can manage your project from start to finish, from system definition through design, programming, installation, commissioning, and then the subsequent maintenance. Contact ASA to learn more about how this cobot will help you revolutionise your production operations.

This cobot is FANUC’s largest collaborative robot, with the longest reach and the heaviest payload, it has a unique ability to carry heavy loads over long distances while remaining incredibly dependable and safe to operate around people.

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FANUC CR-35iA Collaborative Robot

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