Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) have been a dedicated Fanuc robot integrator since our inception in 2002. We are Fanuc robot specialists; from concept to designing systems, installation, programming and support, at Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) we are able to offer a range of solutions to suit your needs.

We work with many manufacturing industries across Australia to create automation systems using Fanuc robots. From consumer goods, to metal fabrication, automotive and defence, Fanuc robots are the perfect solution for almost any manufacturing process.

Why choose Fanuc Robots?

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) are able to offer over 100 different models of Fanuc robots, with payloads of up to 2300kg and reaches of up to 4.7m. We have built a strong relationship with Fanuc Robotics and believe that Fanuc robots are the global leaders in robot technology.

Fanuc robots offer industry leading features, performance, and are cost effective.

Fanuc robots increase productivity and throughput.

Fanuc robots reduce labour costs, lower cycle times and reduce waste.

Fanuc robots are efficient and high quality and extremely accurate.

Fanuc robots are reliable and predictable and easy to repair.

Existing Fanuc Robot Systems

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) can provide on site support in the form of needs analysis, automated facilities support and training and project integration. We have a range of engineers at the ready for project execution purposes.

Does your Fanuc Robot need servicing?

Call Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) on 1800 ROBOTS (1800 762 687) to book.

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