FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot

FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot

FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot

FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot- Safe and Durable:

The IP67-rated FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot delivers severe liquid and dust ingress protection in tough industrial environments, along with its eight years of zero maintenance. Importantly, this cobot is fully compliant with ISO 10218-1 safety standards. The CRX can be placed with ease in a wide range of applications, including machine tending, material handling and palletising, due to its low weight, as the compact size of the robot makes it extremely easy to place. The FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot can work securely alongside people in a variety of industrial and manufacturing activities. Because of its ease of programming, FANUC’s world-renowned technology, proven reliability, and sensitive contact detection, setting the bar remarkably high.

FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot- Impressive Motions

Compact in both size and weight, the smoothly designed light weight FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot’s white arm readily conducts a highly functional underflip move, in order to collect a part from a surface from in front of it and place it on the surface behind it, in one single fluid motion. As it is so light weight, it can be easily placed in a wide range of manufacturing applications.

How can Automated Solutions (ASA) help?

Automated Solutions Australia has been integrating FANUC robots to meet the demands of our customers for decades. ASA can manage any project from start to finish, from system concept to design programming, installation, commissioning, and maintenance. Contact ASA today, to learn more about how this FANYC robot will help you revolutionise your production operations and leave you wondering how you ever survived without one.

With a distinctive underflip motion, this FANUC cobot is simple, small, fast durable and effective, with proven reliability.

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FANUC CRX-20iA/L Collaborative Robot

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