Fanuc Industrial Robots

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Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is an innovative automation company and a leading integrator of Fanuc industrial robots in Australia. We are experts in the design, engineering and integration of flexible automation solutions for the manufacturing sector. Since our inception in 2002, we have been guided by the development of the highest quality robot solutions, utilising the most advanced state of the art technology.

We have a team of experienced engineers providing services to all our clients across fields including automotive, aerospace, and medical devices. We work internationally, commissioning systems across the globe, with projects in Korea, India, Thailand, Egypt, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, the USA and Canada.

At ASA, we can begin your automation process by conducting a thorough Needs Analysis if you require it. During this time, we can identify potential opportunities for scalable improvements within your current manufacturing processes. Our global presence gives us visibility to some of the most cutting-edge industrial robot solutions, and we are best positioned to understand if these solutions are suited to your business. We are a dedicated team of experts that are focused on achieving total customer satisfaction. This has enabled us to maintain enviable customer retention rates.

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Due to our overwhelming dedication to quality outcomes, ASA only integrates the Fanuc industrial robot range. These robots, coupled with our integrated designs, provide a means for our clients to gain a competitive edge in their specific market. Guided by our mission to bring forward the world’s best and most cutting-edge automation solutions and make them available to our customers here in Australia, we have an experienced team of electrical, software, controls and mechanical engineers servicing all our clients. Our robots are aimed at improving costs, process robustness and quality of output. At ASA, we prioritise your needs which is why our Fanuc industrial robot solutions are customised to meet your specific requirements. Our Fanuc industrial robots are programmed for complex tasks with utmost accuracy and consistent precision, which the FANUC range is renowned for.

Fanuc Industrial Robots
Fanuc Industrial Robots

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Are you in need of the Fanuc industrial robot? ASA can provide robotic solutions for you, regardless of whether you are in a niche or significant manufacturing sector.nThroughout a seamless process, we can determine the robot’s payload, reach configurations and cycle time before you even make the purchase. We begin by focusing on the design, concepting and simulation of your systems, followed by their successful integration. Finally, we provide training on how to correctly use and maintain these Fanuc industrial robots. Our stand-alone offerings of automated facilities support and customised servicing and training solutions are also available, whether we integrated your robotic system or not. Our experienced team will work with you throughout your project, providing the necessary support from inception through to completion.

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