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Lucas Chrisanthou
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At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), our people are our point of difference. We take a huge amount of pride in the exceptional talent and dedication of our team members. Today, we are excited to introduce Lucas Chrisanthou, an Automation Engineer, with a background in Mechatronic from the University of Melbourne. Lucas’ passion for robotics and innovative solutions has significantly contributed to the overall success of projects.

Lucas’s journey into the world of robotics began during his university studies, where he developed a keen appreciation for precision and reliability. ‘I love the ability to see the tangible outcome of my work,’ he says, reflecting on the unique nature of his role compared to more traditional programming and software engineering jobs. This hands-on experience with cutting edge technology continues to fuel his enthusiasm and drive to learn more.

One of Lucas’s more memorable projects took him on a journey to Mexico, where he worked on an innovative high electrostatic paint application. This groundbreaking technology aimed to make the paint even more attractive to the sheet metal, resulting in significant cost savings and a lower environmental impact for the end customer. ‘Our time there was successful, ending in great cost-saving and tangible environmental benefits’, Lucas proudly shares.

In his daily work at ASA, Lucas thrives on the variety and challenges presented by path programming, both in simulations and with real robots. Ensuring smooth, collision free paths and maintaining exceptional standards in material application are key aspects of his responsibilities. Lucas is particularly excited about a precision seal project that he is working on. This innovative solution uses high accuracy lasers to locate specific seams within the car body, a departure from previous methods that involved entire doors or cars from CAD. As an enthusiast of computer vision, Lucas finds this project fascinating, rewarding, and cutting edge.

Teamwork and communication are vital in overcoming challenges, especially when faced with tight deadlines. Lucas recalls instances where his team had to work quickly to meet customer expectations. ‘Excellent communication between the teams working on any project is critical to a successful outcome,’ he emphasises, highlighting the importance of effective team management over technical solutions at times.

Lucas believes that the solutions provided by ASA make a significant difference for clients. Whether it’s getting a line back up and running quickly, or increasing throughput on a factory line, the team’s dedication and work ethic are highly valued by customers. ‘They know that when we are assigned to something, ASA will work relentlessly until it’s completed to a high standard,’ Lucas notes.

Looking ahead, Lucas is excited about the future of robotic automation and ASA’s role in it. With emerging technologies poised to transform manufacturing, he is eager to continue implementing innovative solutions and witnessing the tangible results of their work. ‘The future of manufacturing is ready to grow, and we are at the forefront of it,’ he says with enthusiasm.

Outside of work, Lucas enjoys programming and often has personal projects on the go, such as developing a robotic dog that learns to walk using machine learning. This allows him to apply lessons from his professional life to his hobbies and interests. His advice to aspiring robotic automation professionals is to start with a project they are passionate about. ‘It’s often easy to get stuck reading papers upon papers on robotics, but you really start when you write your first line of code, wire your first circuit, or tighten that first screw,’ he advises.

Lucas’s favourite robot model is the LR Mate 200id, which he admires for its simplicity and effectiveness. ‘It’s a testament to the fact you don’t always need the most complicated technology to get the job done in the best way possible,’ he remarks.

With his passion for robotics, innovative spirit, and dedication to excellence, Lucas continues to be an invaluable asset to ASA, helping to drive the company forward in the ever evolving field of robotic automation.

Lucas Chrisanthou
Grit Blasting, Robotics in Business, Automation Companies in Australia, Laser welding, Defence Robot, FANUC robot programming, Materials handling, PLC Controls, Collaborative Robots, Benefits of Robots

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