FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot Highlights

The FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot is a larger 6-axis collaborative robot that is ideal for tasks that require a long reach and house ample space for it to move. This cobot is ideal for transporting smaller components and supplies across longer distances, such as between machines or workstations, or from storage racks to a machine or processing station. This robot may also be mounted invert on a ceiling or at an angle on a wall, making it ideal for collaborating with humans without jeopardising their safety and confidence. The FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot can be readily taught new jobs on the go using a FANUC hand training device, making it ideal for jobbing shops and repetitive work.

FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot- Safety at the Forefront

This clever cobot can keep collaborating humans safe, by using a single FANUC Force Sensor incorporated into its base. This sensor is unlike other collaborative robots that require multiple external sensors. This makes it extremely durable and dependable, something its human co-workers appreciate in situations where downtime is not an option.

How can Automated Solutions (ASA) help?

FANUC robots have been integrated by Automated Solutions Australia for decades to satisfy the needs of our customers. From system definition to design programming to installation, commissioning, and maintenance, ASA can handle your project from start to finish. To discover more about how the FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot can help you revolutionise your production operations, contact ASA now.

A powerful collaborative robot, this cobot fills the gap between the smaller CR-4iA and CR-7iA and the larger CR-35iA. Relying on established FANUC technology, and its highly sensitive safety sensor embedded into its base the FANUC CR-15iA Collaborative Robot is not only a dependable high performer, but also a very safe one.

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