FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot


FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot

FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot- Simple, Small, Fast and Effective

The FANUC CRX Series of Collaborative Robots make it quick and easy to get your automation up and running. The smallest in the CRX range, the FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot has a payload of 5kg and a reach of 994 mm, with the ability  to integrate peripheral devices easily, with FANUC approved End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), accessories, and plugins. The FANUC CRX- 5iA Collaborative Robot is simple to power, with each model in the CRX range running on a conventional 240 V, with a minimal footprint, thanks to its compact size, making it simple to place. Its quick setup also allows for speedy gripper installation and changeovers with FANUC approved devices. The FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot is an ideal solution for those who have little or no robotic experience. On a touchscreen pendant, the entire CRX series has all-new FANUC programming interface with simple drag-and-drop technology.

FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot- Proven Reliability and Repeatability

The famous FANUC reliability of the CRX Collaborative Robot was highlighted during accelerated life testing. FANUC cobots have industrial strength and quality, outlasting similar Collaborative Robots. The FANUC CRX-5iA Collaborative Robot features an eight year maintenance-free warranty on its motors, reducers, sensors, cables, grease, and check marks. Castings, reducers, cables, and sensors have all been-subjected to accelerated life tests, passing with flying colours.

The FANUC CRX 5iA performing gear assembly:

How can Automated Solutions (ASA) help?

For decades, Automated Solutions Australia has been integrating FANUC robots to fulfil our customers’ needs. From system definition through to design programming and installation, commissioning, and maintenance, ASA can handle any project from start to finish. To learn more about how this FANUC cobot can help you revolutionise your production operations, contact ASA right away.

The FANUC CRX- 5iA Collaborative Robot, from the range that is ideal for persons with minimal robot expertise, is simple, tiny, fast, and effective, with proven reliability.

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