FANUC M-710iC/50SFANUC M-710iC/50S

FANUC M-710iC/50S

FANUC M-710iC/50S Lightweight Multipurpose Robot

The FANUC M-710iC/50S is a revolutionary light robot with a slim wrist, robust arm, and a tiny footprint. High axis speeds make the FANUC M-710iC/50S extremely fast. This variant with a tiny, short arm has been intended to reach tight equipment and work areas. It also comes in a Food Grade variant for applications such as tray picking, handling and transfer.

FANUC M-710iC/50S Applications 

FANUC M-710iC/50H Features

With the highest payload and best inertia in its class, the FANUC M-710iC/50H is ideal for carrying medium weights. Large workpieces such as glass panes, steel panels are ideal for the high allowable inertia of the FANUC M-710iC/50H With IP67 rated protection, the wrist is both waterproof and dustproof.

Integrated air and electrical services from J1 to J3 allow for quick tool connections, more dependable wiring, I/out gripper signals, and 24 volt air connectors.

The FANUC M-710iC/50H is the answer for material handling, machine maintenance, component transfer, assembly, die casting, and palletising. The FANUC M-710iC/50H is suitable for food packing, cutting, grinding, deburring, polishing, and arc welding due to its IP67 protection.

FANUC M-710iC/50S Features

The FANUC M-710iC/50S allows for versatile cell design and decreased cycle times. The compact design of this FANUC robot allows many robots to operate in close proximity without interfering with one another.

The FANUC M-710iC/50S’s tiny J3 arm is great for accessing tight spaces without the danger of snagging.

The FANUC M-710iC/50S has excellent mechanical rigidity, appropriate for constant force applications like polishing and deburring, as well as process applications like welding, gluing, and component handling.

How can Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) help?

Automated Solutions Australia has decades of experience integrating FANUC robots to suit our customer’s needs. ASA can manage your project from start to finish, including system specification, design, programming, installation, commissioning, and servicing. Contact our expert team at ASA today to discuss how our FANUC M710iC/50S can help transform your production processes.Whether you are a large or small manufacturer, we invite you to contact Automated Solutions Australia to explore the FANUC range today. Our industrial engineering team at ASA are FANUC robot specialists, from concept to system designs, installations, programming and support. At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) we thrive on helping business of all sizes achieve their automation goals, enabling manufacturers to compete on the world stage while building sovereign capability. Call us now on 1800 ROBOTS (1800 762 687).

If you’re looking for a multifunctional robot, get in touch with us today to see if the FANUC M-710iC/50S is the right robot for your application.


FANUC M-710iC/50S

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