Fanuc Industrial Robots

Transforming Your Business With Modern Industrial Engineering

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) transforms your manufacturing company by providing modern and smart industrial engineering services. Our innovative robotised solutions help our clients improve their competitive position within their niche.

Since 2002, we have strived to understand all our clients’ needs to offer customised solutions. We have a team of about 20 professionals who focus on improving your productivity, throughput and quality while providing a quick return on investment. Our team uses an integrated approach to earn our customer’s trust and become valued partners in the productivity, profitability and performance of every company we work with. Our industrial engineering services are applicable in several fields, including machine tool tending, deburring and polishing, shot blasting and peening, paint finishing, material handling applications, fibreglass coating and plastic painting.

Although we are based in Australia, we also serve international clients. Our customer base is focused on Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) and tier one suppliers to this industry globally.

Industrial Engineering You Can Trust

Through experience and our unmatched industrial engineering services, ASA can identify opportunities within your current manufacturing process through a needs analysis. We can identify bottlenecks, constraints imposed by batch processing, issues with environmental compliance, manufacturing flexibility limitations and other areas where you can optimise material usage.

Our team is always happy to conduct a site visit to identify opportunities for best practices to improve cost, quality, piece price, throughput and robustness. We integrate various automation systems each year that go on to form vital links in your manufacturing chain.

We also offer simulated 3D CAD programs to determine robot configurations and cycle times before a robot is put into production. As such, you can visualise the robot and its effect on the manufacturing capability of your company. Simulating the robot and environment allows us to mobilise and demobilise from sites quicker and be more cost-effective for our clients.

Fanuc Industrial Robots
Fanuc Industrial Robots

Industry Leading Industrial Engineering

Our industrial engineering team at ASA provides complete project management, customised system integration and design, or supports your existing automated facility. With a proven reputation for industrial engineering excellence, our ASA team can solve complex problems across various industries. This has strengthened our relationship with customers and helped us gain enviable customer retention rates.

At ASA, we form a beneficial partnership with global customers. The international exposure has improved our skills, which we have brought back to benefit our Australian customers. We also educate customers to ensure that this cutting edge technology is available here in Australia.

At ASA, we also understand that our customers work on a budget. For this reason, we offer our services at market friendly prices to ensure you benefit from our technology without breaking the bank.

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