The Fanuc P40 Paint robot is a versatile and flexible paint robot that easily adapts to new styles, smaller components and painting intricate details.

The Fanuc P40 robot is an affordable solution for painting applications.

The Fanuc P40 robot has a slim and lightweight design that offers a variety of mounting positions perfect for manufacturers who are challenged by smaller workspaces.

With a payload of 5kg and a reach of up to 1300mm, the Fanuc P40 robot is the perfect mid-size paint robot.
Coupled with the Fanuc Line Tracking software, the P40 can paint while the parts are constantly in motion, giving an overall greater working envelope and maximised productivity.

Designed and approved for use in hazardous locations, the Fanuc P40 robot is ATEX and FM approved, meaning it is explosion proof.

The Fanuc P40 robot combines the production proven design strategies from the Paint Mate and Fanuc P50iB robot Fanuc models, resulting in a very reliable painting robot.


Fanuc P-50 Robot/10L Robot

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