Paint Finishing

Improving the Quality of Your Paint Finishing

A well-engineered paint finishing system can increase the finishing quality while delivering higher production speeds and productivity. Our objective at ASA is to bring the best specialised, engineered, innovative and integrated robotized solutions to the flexible automation industry.

We have been a leading automation provider in Australia for 19 years, dominating the paint finishing market. With our inherent knowledge of painting robots, finishing systems and paint application techniques, our clients can gain a competitive edge in the market. Paint robots and automated finishing systems deliver time and time again – never stopping for a break.  As such our solutions result in enhanced throughput, productivity and quality for our customers. ASA has a specialised team of engineers, designers, and project management that provides unmatched workmanship and industry knowledge.

Our mission at ASA is to bring forward superior automation solutions and make them available to our customers here in Australia. Our approach is simple, through active and responsive collaboration with our clients, we design and integrate automated solutions, by drawing on our greatest asset – our people. With decades of experience in the automation sector, our people are constantly challenged to deliver the latest in automation hardware, software, robotics and application engineering.

Our professionalism, integrity, and excellence in the automation industry have earned us a reputation, and we have established long-lasting relationships with our clients, proudly holding a client retention rate in excess of 90%.

Paint Finishing
Paint Finishing

Benefits of Our Paint Finishing Systems

At ASA, our robotic painting systems can help you reduce waste in your paint finishing application. Modern paint robots are easy to install and program, and designed correctly, they can deliver higher quality without issues of repeatability job to job. By adopting a painting robot as part of your manufacturing process, you can remove operators from potentially dangerous and toxic environments – reductions in chemical exposure to isocynates, and a secondary benefit of a reduction in volatile organic carbons (VOC) emissions due to a reduction in the amount of paint required to paint any given part, primarily due to improved transfer efficiency techniques.

If rotary atomizers are part of the end solution, our robotic painting system can significantly save paint compared to manual or fixed automation processes. Through higher transfer efficiency and reduced material consumption – you begin reducing your costs immediately, by reducing waste at the point source of origin.

Recommended Paint Finishing

Contact ASA for an industry leading, well-engineered robotic paint system that can delivery superior paint finishing. With headquarters in Adelaide, we have first-class customer support services in Australia and its surrounds. We value long term relationships with clients, and set out by initially completing a Needs Analysis to identify any issues and address these in an optimised automated solution. Our skilled team makes on-site visits to identify opportunities to employ the best practice from around the world to boost throughput, minimise wastage and improve production flow.

With the Needs Analysis complete, we then begin with concept and design of any identified opportunities. If there are particular constraints which must be met, we use offline robot simulation tools to ensure and verify that our solution is going to function as intended. The cell can then be procured, with a good level of understanding of the potential return on investment. Cell specific functional training can then be provided to your operators to ensure seamless production, and additional advanced level training at a later date if required.

Paint Finishing
Paint Finishing

When it comes to servicing your FANUC paint finishing robot, ASA has a wealth of expertise. We consistently provide servicing and support as part of our process, however, this phase can be sourced as a stand-alone product.

For medium and larger customers, we also provide a service we call Automated Facilities Support (AFS), where we dedicate our team to supporting your facility to ensure optimal running, process engineering and equipment monitoring services. This is our Gold standard of customer support and gives you piece of mind that you will always have support in the future. We become an integrated part of the customer solution, providing a dedicated person or persons for paint finishing advice, and production support. We find customers who use our expertise in the AFS often have industry leading mean time to repair (MTTR) and mean time between failures (MTBF), optimising their manufacturing processes.

Call us today for paint finishing enquiries, breakdown support, servicing, repair and maintenance.

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