FANUC M-900iB/330L


FANUC M-900iB/330L

FANUC M-900iB/330L

FANUC M-900iB/330L Extended Range and Heavy Payload

The FANUC M-900iB/330L long arm variant has a compact mechanical design that optimises the weight-payload ratio. With a horizontal reach of 3203 mm and a vertical reach of 3539 mm, the huge work envelope is perfect for heavy spot welding and material handling applications such as palletising. The FANUC M-900iB/330L’s inherent stiffness and large payload makes it perfect for applications that need greater degrees of robot rigidity.

FANUC M-900iB/330L Applications

FANUC M-900iB/330L Features

In order to make life simpler in small spaces, this machine provides service access with options for floor, ceiling and angle mounting. With a mix of sturdiness, extended reach and heavy lifting, the FANUC M-900iB/330L offers a greater scope for many jobs. The FANUC M-900iB/330L offers optional severe dust and liquid protection (SDLP) available for usage in hazardous situations.

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