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Experts at Fanuc Robotic Automation

ASA strive to reduce system downtime and failures with sturdy robotic automation solutions. We design, engineer and integrate numerous systems annually, establishing a vital link in the original equipment manufacturer production chain in Australia, helping to boost sovereign capability.

At ASA, we take pride in our 250m² warehousing and design facility that allows us to serve our clients efficiently. This design hub is the centre for our skilled designers, engineers, and project management team that consistently deliver quality outcomes for our customers across Australia and New Zealand.

Our team contains several painting and dispensing application specialists who serve clients globally across numerous manufacturing sectors including aerospace and automotive. Our recent projects have seen us travel to Asia and the Americas. Our global footprint has developed since our inception in 2002, and our customer base and enviable project repertoire has earned us industry leading client retention rates.

Client-Oriented Robotic Automation

A well-engineered robotic automation solution from ASA can support supply chain security and reduce manufacturing lead times. ASA designs and engineers robotic automation to deliver the utmost quality, reduced costs, increased productivity and reduced waste. We take pride in our innovative solutions that help clients achieve their production goals.

At ASA, we like to start by performing a Needs Analysis to identify any bottlenecks in your process, quality issues or wastage. This is one of the reasons why we are delivering tomorrow’s solutions, today with complete design, concept and simulation services, as well as the installation and integration of your robots. We also offer clients on-site training that includes mechanical and electrical maintenance, programming, safe equipment operation, and troubleshooting.

We offer servicing and support as a standalone product. However, this is also included as the last piece in our cradle to grave process approach with clients looking for a robotic automation solution and an integrated partner for the journey. We check for wear and tear and ensure the automation is fully functional.

Robotic Automation
Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation Support

Let us help you adopt Fanuc robotic automation to maximise your return on investment. At ASA, our objective is to design and engineer robotized solutions that add a competitive advantage within our client’s market. We strive to earn the loyalty of our customers through the success of the systems we install, through timely responses, respect and integrity.

Since our establishment, we have continuously valued our clients and have established long-lasting relationships. This is why we also provide offline programming abilities. Our simulated CAD program allows us to efficiently determine your robotic automation cycle times and configuration.

Contact us for all your Fanuc robotic automation requirements, including breakdown, servicing and support.

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