Whether your application is pick and place, palletising, packaging, part transfer or assembly, the development of a robotic solution offers significant benefits in almost any industry that is operating at high levels of throughput.

Materials handling robots eliminate health and safety risks that arise from picking and placing products repetitively. They are also proven tools for solving tasks where heavy, sharp or hot objects need to be moved on a large scale. The addition of an integrated 2D and 3D vision system allows the robot to “see” the part location, orientation, colour or presence, which can be used for size sorting and quality inspecting as part of the application solution. The addition of a conveyor and encoder allows the robot to identify and track any given part and pick it from a moving conveyor.

Given the broad nature of materials handling applications, the robot reach can vary from 300mm to as much as 4700mm, and the associated end of arm payloads from less than 1 kg up to 2300 kg.


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