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Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is delivering tomorrow’s solution today for industrial automation. Since our establishment, our team has been dedicated to providing specialised design, engineering and integration of flexible solutions in Australia and its surroundings.

We take pride in a 250m² warehouse and office complex that effectively serves our clients’ needs. We have a skilled, competent, and professional team of engineers, designers, and project managers that deliver quality automated solutions.

We are a dedicated Fanuc Robot integrator and our mission at ASA is to bring forward the world’s leading industrial automation solutions and make them available to our customers here in Australia.

Our enviable projects have seen our clients gaining a competitive advantage and increased profit margins. In return, we have earned an excellent reputation, customer loyalty and enviable client retention rates.

Benefits of Industrial Automation

Work effortlessly, save time and resources with ASA’s innovative industrial automation. We add value to manufacturing industries with our specialised, robust engineering and flexible automation. ASA seeks to improve productivity and quality by providing the latest in automation technology to our clients.

ASA’s expertise can reduce your direct (and sometimes indirect) manufacturing costs. You can rely on proven automation technology and our engineering ability to deliver consistent outcomes for your business, allowing you to achieve those difficult production volumes and labour cost goals.

Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation

Recommended Industrial Automation

Transform your manufacturing space with quality industrial automation from ASA.

ASA takes the lead in identifying potential opportunities, constraints and bottlenecks within our client’s manufacturing processes. We can conduct a Needs Analysis with you to ensure that we expose all the constraints and ensure that we define solutions for each one in our automation concept. We will then begin our process with an industrial automation concept and simulation before conducting detailed design and engineering to ensure that we effectively meet your automation needs.

All of our solutions meet or exceed Australian Standards and come with a 12 months warranty to give you piece of mind and assurance that your business can rely on us.

Are you worried about servicing your industrial automation to ensure production consistency? Worry no more. At ASA, we offer servicing and support as a standalone product. However, this is also included as the last piece in our cradle to grave process approach with clients. We check for wear and tear and ensure the automation is fully functional.

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