Whether you are cutting, grinding, deburring, deflashing, polishing, waterjet cutting or routering, occupational health and safety risks are inherent in manual operations because of sharp edges, the potential for damage to hearing, and material being slung into an operator’s eye.

A robotic solution reduces this risk, whilst resolving complex motion and positioning requirements, as well as employing a much more robust mechanism for force sensing and determining tool wear. The outcome is a repeatable and more consistent part for the end user.

Force sensors can control the speed and force applied during deburring and polishing, which results in a more consistent finish. A force sensor can be used to automatically create accurate taught paths using the auto TP generation feature. Combining 2D or 3D vision and force sensing to an intelligent robot allows the robot to automatically generate the deburring path from the image taken. This feature greatly reduces the setup time and is ideally suited to batch of 1 applications that typically don’t lend themselves to robotics.


Shot Blasting and Peening

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