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Custom Automation Solutions
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At ASA, we specialise in providing custom automation solutions tailored to a diverse range of industries and applications. Our expertise lies in developing bespoke automation solutions that are designed to enhance manufacturing processes across various sectors.

Whether you require a comprehensive custom automation solution or seek to optimise specific stages of your manufacturing process, our focus is always on achieving your unique automation goals. These objectives commonly encompass enhancing operational efficiency, alleviating employees from strenuous and repetitive tasks, handling hazardous operations, and conducting specialised equipment tests.

Our approach to custom automation solutions is to offer entirely bespoke solutions to our clients, tailored to meet your specific requirements. We can create tailored solutions that encompass assembly lines, spray paint automation, cnc machine automation, welding, sorting and packaging systems, palletising and more.

At ASA, we Deliver Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today – With Custom Automation.

At ASA, our highly skilled team of industrial automation engineers enable us to provide end-to-end capabilities, offering full turn-key solutions. Our projects ensure that your custom automation solutions are met with precision. At ASA our motto is ‘Delivering Tomorrow’s Solutions, Today’.

Our process commences with a series of meetings and includes the possibility of on-site visits to formulate a proposal (and conduct a needs analysis). This proposal outlines the system specifics, quantifies performance indicators, provides conceptual models, and offers a budget quotation.

Ensuring Quality Custom Automation Solutions

Once the system proposal and quotation gain approval, we advance to the design. Once the system proposal and quotation gain approval, we advance to the design. Our models are simulated using offline programming tools. We also integrate process flowcharts, timing studies, and operator interface details as needed.


Additionally, when it comes to paint finishing, we can use our in house customer training cell for a variety of purposes, including setting up robots to perform trials on our customers’ parts, to confirm paint coverage, quality, film builds, and so forth. We use this handy little area to prove out the process before we get to the site, as well as run trials for customers before they commit to purchasing anything. We also often use it to train in robot programming for our staff, as well as our customers.

FANUC robots are versatile and widely used across various industries, and their integration into custom automation solutions can enhance efficiency and productivity in numerous applications.

Custom Automation Solutions for Various Industries and Applications

Automotive Industry: FANUC robots are integral in automotive manufacturing, assisting in tasks like welding, painting, assembly, and parts handling. Custom automation solutions can streamline production lines, improve precision, and reduce manual labor.

Aerospace Industry: In aerospace, these robots are used for precision tasks such as drilling, riveting, and composite material handling. Customised automation allows for meticulous construction and assembly of aircraft components, ensuring high-quality standards.

Food and Beverage: FANUC robots can be customised for applications like packaging, palletising, and quality inspection in the food and beverage industry. This automation ensures consistent product quality, faster processing times, and adherence to hygiene standards.

Pharmaceuticals: In the pharmaceutical industry, robots can assist in laboratory processes, drug manufacturing, and packaging. Custom automation solutions can ensure precise handling and contamination-free environments.

Electronics Manufacturing: For electronics, FANUC robots are used for assembly, soldering, and inspection of components. Customised automation solutions enable the handling of delicate parts and improve production efficiency.

Metal Fabrication: These robots can perform tasks such as welding, cutting, and bending in metal fabrication. Custom automation solutions can increase productivity and precision in metalworking processes.

Industries and Applications Continued

Plastics and Polymers: In the plastics industry, FANUC robots assist in injection molding, trimming, and quality control. Customised automation can optimize cycle times and improve product consistency.

Warehousing and Logistics: For logistics, these robots can be used for material handling, sorting, and packing. Custom automation solutions can streamline warehouse operations, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs.

Education and Research: FANUC robots are also used in educational and research institutions for training and development purposes, helping students and researchers learn about robotics and automation.

Healthcare and Medical Devices: In healthcare, FANUC robots contribute to the manufacturing of medical devices and can even assist in laboratory work. Custom automation ensures precision and reliability in sensitive environments.

By integrating FANUC robots into custom automation solutions, ASA can cater to the specific needs of these industries, offering tailored, efficient, and innovative robotic systems.

Count on ASA for tailored automation solutions that precisely meet your needs and enhance your operations across various industries and applications.

custom automation solutions
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