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Automated Solutions Australia is your ideal choice to acquire robotic palletisers. We are industry leading specialists in automation solutions in Australia.

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Advanced Robotics Palletisers in Australia

Automated Solutions Australia (ASA) is Australia’s leading automation solutions provider, offering the latest advancements in robotic palletisers. We are experts in engineering, designing and integrating flexible robotic solutions using FANUC robots. With almost 20 years of experience in the automation industry, we have dedicated ourselves to meeting and exceeding the urgent needs of our valued customers.

As such, we take pride in maintaining enviable customer retention rates. ASA has established long term relationships with our clients in various fields across the globe, including automotive, aerospace, food and beverage and machined and fabricated metals, among other areas. We are guided by our mission to bring world’s best practice in automation and make it available to our customers here in Australia. Our approach is simple. Through active and responsive collaboration with our clients, we design and integrate industry leading robotic cells by drawing on our best asset – our skilled team.

Your Leading Robotic Palletisers Integrator

If you are looking for the latest robotic palletisers to increase efficiency, look no further. ASA can supply you with the most reliable palletising systems for all types of packaging lines. We have the most flexible method of automated product handling. Our palletising robots will efficiently palletise and depalletise, thus increasing your productivity while at the same time reducing overhead costs.

Our seamless process begins with a Needs Analysis if you require it. This involves understanding your pain points and offering expert advice, based on our exposure to the latest cutting-edge technology in your field. We will then focus on the design, concepting and simulation of your systems, followed by their successful integration into your production environment. Finally, we provide training on how to correctly use and maintain these robotic palletisers. Our stand-alone offerings of automated facilities support and customised servicing and training are also available, whether we integrated your system or not.

With the current advancements in end of arm tooling, our robot palletisers will provide the most reliable solutions to all your needs. Our robot palletisers can offer inline palletising, layer depalletising, palletising, mixed case palletising with specific benefits that will improve your operations with marked productivity, flexibility and reliability.

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Your Recommended Robot Palletisers

For all of your robotic palletiser needs, ASA is your integrator of choice. ASA has a professional and skillful team that serves the Australian robotics industry. We specialise in practical, comprehensive, high-quality designs that are built and integrated for your long-term success. For the Australian robotics sector, we primarily focus on enhancing throughput and robustness in daily manufacturing operations. As a result, a well-designed and integrated solution from ASA can boost production, reduce labour expenses, and reduce waste at the point source of origin.


ASA are a specialist automation company, providing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solutions for your robotic needs in Australia. Feel free to contact our expert team for more information.

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