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What is Cerakote Ceramic Coating?

The Cerakote™ C-Series Air Cure Ceramic Coatings have been developed to safeguard a wide range of substrates, including both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. These specialised coatings are engineered to endure exceedingly high temperatures, exceeding 1100°C, all while maintaining their original color and delivering exceptional long-term performance.

The Evolution of Cerakote Ceramic Coating

Established in 1984, Cerakote™ embarked on a mission to create and produce the most superior range of ceramic coatings globally. Their unwavering commitment to excellence in ceramic coatings has transcended various sectors, including automotive, firearms, premium electronics, eyewear, and beyond.

Cerakote Ceramic Coating – The Benefits

The versatility of ceramic coating is amplified by Cerakote,the thin ceramic coating applied as a resin, forming a resilient 3D ceramic matrix. Of benefit, this technology withstands extreme temperatures (up to 1100 degrees Celsius) without losing its protective qualities or aesthetic appeal. Cerakote is particularly effective against corrosion, and thermal stress, and acts as a thermal barrier, making it ideal for use in defense and military applications. It outshines traditional coatings like powder coating and solvent-based paints in terms of substrate protection.

Applying Cerakote

However, precision is key in applying Cerakote. Mistakes like dry spray, resulting in a rough texture, are common without adequate solvent transfer during application. Controlling the thickness is crucial to avoid runs, given its thin consistency.

In summary, ceramic coating, including variations like Cerakote, offers a revolutionary way to protect and enhance various surfaces. Its evolution from automotive to broader applications underscores its effectiveness and versatility.”

Choose Automated Solutions Australia

At Automated Solutions Australia, we harness the power of Ceramic Coating by utilising the FANUC Paint Series to provide you with unmatched protection and a stunning finish. Don’t compromise on longevity and shine– get in touch with us today. Our expert team is ready to answer your questions, assess your needs, and provide you with the ultimate Ceramic Coating experience. Protect your investment and elevate appearance with Automated Solutions Australia. Contact us now to get started on the journey ceramic coating perfection.

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