Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machines

ASA Offers Your Premium Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machines

At Automated Solutions Australia (ASA), we are a specialist integrator of robotic fibreglass spray machines. ASA works with continuous or woven glass filament, used in the reinforcement material of fibreglass pools, boats, tanks and other hard composite products. ASA also has expertise in the application of gel coats and resins.

We are a privately owned Australian company specialising in the design, engineering and integration of flexible automated solutions for the Australian manufacturing sector. At ASA, we are guided by our mission to bring the world’s best practices to the flexible automation sector. As such, we have created a long-lasting relationship with our clients across the globe.

We are dedicated to designing and engineering innovative robotised solutions that help our customers improve their competitive position in the market. Our solutions are designed with a focus on improving throughput and sturdiness in the daily manufacturing sector. We have a dedicated team of experts, and with experience of over 20 years we are ready and willing to listen to you and offer you the best advice for your automation needs.

Helping You Compete on the World Stage with Our Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machines

Our robotic fibreglass spray machines are the perfect choice to automate your gel coat and fibreglass manufacturing facility. We have a wide range of intrinsically safe robots to choose from for all your spraying needs. We understand the compounding impact of increasing environmental regulations, the rising cost of materials, skills shortages, and the pressure to innovate. With fibreglass manufacturing also comes the added complexity of occupational health and safety concerns, with styrene vapours and some epoxy resins creating a hazardous manufacturing environment. Redeploying workers from these conditions through the adoption of robotic fibreglass spray machines can increase the health and safety of your work force and improve product efficiencies in many areas of the composites sector.

ASA’s robotic fibreglass spray machines ensure that your products are of high quality, are reliable, save material and labour costs, improve cycle times, increase employee safety, and reduce emissions. You can rely on us for all your gel coat and fibreglass spray solutions. We adopt state of the art technology in a user-friendly form, that can be integrated for complex composite moulds.

Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machines
Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machines

Choose the ASA Robotic Fibreglass Spray Machine for Premium Results

Our experience and the quality of the Fanuc robots we offer has earned us an enviable reputation as one of the most trusted robotic fibreglass spray machine integrators. We have a straightforward process with our clients, which starts from the moment you inquire about our services.

With a dedicated team of experts, we can attend to our clients’ specific needs after a thorough Needs Analysis. This allows us to identify the bottlenecks and constraints imposed by batch processing and advise you appropriately. We also take care of the design, concepting and simulation of your robotic fibreglass spray machines, followed by their integration and extensive training on how to use and maintain the equipment.

We are dedicated to providing you with solutions that align with environmental compliance and those which will lead to material usage optimisation.

ASA is your reliable choice for all your robotic fibreglass spray machine needs. Contact us for superior results today.

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