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Manufacturers in the aerospace sector produce some of the most cutting-edge technologies ever created by humans.

Automation Applications include:


Drilling and fastening are two of the most tiresome processes in creating an aircraft. Robotic drilling is increasingly utilised to create rivet holes and fasten structures.


Large components can be challenging for humans to apply sealants on. Robotic arms, however, can reach far distances and extend across substantial parts of an aeroplane’s structure.



Large components for welding by humans include parts for motors and turbines. A single component is frequently welded by multiple welders. Automation can significantly improve processes, by welding with consistency, precision and speed.


The aircraft business must abide to strict safety rules. Robots are capable of non-destructive inspection tasks, quickly and accurately. There are automated ways to look for signs of delamination, foreign objects, material fissures, and fastening problems that could be disastrous.


By keeping people safe and out of harm’s way, robots allow producers to transfer parts safely. Thanks to vision systems and other sensors, these huge, automated transportation robots can quickly relocate components even when human employees are close

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Automated Solutions Images

Automated Solutions Images