A variety of FANUC robots form part of the critical path that is the medical industry.

FANUC ROBODRILL Can Be Used To Produce Medical Supplies:

Specific biosafe materials, including stainless steel & medical-grade plastic, are needed for implants or surgical instruments that will be inserted into human bodies. In order to manufacture medical supplies, FANUC ROBODRILL can incredibly precisely machine a variety of medical supply materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, and even ceramic.

FANUC Robots For The Manufacturing Of Medical Devices:

Medical parts are highly customised, so they are often produced in low-volume, high-mix manufacturing runs where adaptability and quick changeovers are essential. Thanks to a variety of application-specific features and simple integration, FANUC robots are simple to use and offer comprehensive versatility.



Collaborative Robotic Solutions:

FANUC’s growing selection of collaborative robots may work alongside humans to replace time-consuming, repetitive jobs, reducing the need for manual operations and increasing the consistency of your medical equipment production.

FANUC Clean Room Robots for Manufacturing Medical Devices:

FANUC clean room robots are created especially for use in areas where producing medical devices requires adherence to stringent standards. Without sacrificing robot speed and repeatability, FANUC clean room robots were designed to comply with the IP67 standard for highly demanding lab and medical device environments. FANUC clean room robots achieve great degrees of flexibility because of their sleek, totally enclosed designs, enhancing their capacity to carry out a variety of automated tasks inside small cells.

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