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Alex Prez’s attitude to life is to ‘be bold, you will only regret not being bold’. This positive outlook started to develop at a very young age when he was faced with serious medical challenges.

He learnt a very important lesson at the age of eight about not focusing on what’s going wrong in your life, rather never forget that life is short, as it could always be worse. Since then his love of travelling and passion for helping to empower people to live extraordinary lives has translated into a successful and fulfilling career.

Be bold, you will only regret not being bold.

Alex has been working closely with ASA for 15 years delivering outstanding travel outcomes for our employees. Building an effective travel management programme for ASA with Alex has boosted our performance by allowing us to concentrate on core business, freeing up our staff so they can focus solely on their work, leading to improved motivation and performance whilst travelling.

The long-standing relationship between Alex and ASA was established with an emphasis on a highly personalised service approach and a clear understanding of our business objectives and requirements. This has meant Alex is well equipped to fulfil the needs of our staff whilst travelling interstate and abroad and delivers the efficiencies, value for money, compliance and traveller safety our business demands. Highly personalised customer service also means that Alex is available 24/7 and we have exercised that option many times!

Tell us a bit about how you got into the travel industry and how you came to work for ASA.

I fell into travel, it wasn’t a career I’d ever seen myself get into but I was looking for a short term job and found myself in travel and quickly found not only was I good at it but I really enjoyed helping people.

I came to work for ASA when I was managing a Flight Centre store in Adelaide and ASA’s previous agent retired and so I took over his account…back then it was just two people travelling and it’s been brilliant watching it grow and feeling like I’ve played some small part in that.

Your early childhood experiences taught you some valuable lessons, how has this shaped and inspired your business philosophy?

One of my earliest childhood lessons was that it could always be worse and that no matter what I face I can overcome it which has helped me in business which is full of swings and roundabouts, ups and downs. It helps me navigate and stay positive during the more challenging times.

Describe your ultimate travel adventure.

My ultimate travel adventure has the perfect combination of luxury accommodation, pointy end flying, a good dose of nature and my beautiful fiancée Donna by my side to enjoy it with.

What is the best part of working with ASA?

The people I get to work with, the entire ASA team are a great bunch of guys to serve and I love feeling like I’m playing a small part in the overall success of ASA.

What is your favourite inspirational quote for business success?

‘Be bold, you will only regret not being bold’