Good things come in small packages……..

There is great flexibility and versatility in the functionality of the compact LR Mate series of FANUC robots. With a number of different reaches and wrist speeds, the accuracy and productivity that is achievable across an extensive range of tasks makes this multi-function robot the best and most reliable mini robot for process automation. Its size is akin to that of a human arm, allowing Engineers and designers to concept its operation with relative ease.

ASA has been integrating this robot directly into machine tools because of its compact design and sealed mechanical unit, making it an ideal solution in harsh, oily or gritty environments. Together with its ability to deliver high acceleration and short cycle times to improve productivity rates, these robots can be floor, ceiling, wall and angle mounted, processing parts up to 7kg across all sorts of handling operations. LR Mate handling robots also come with optional configurations for welding and painting. Furthermore, they can be equipped with vision and force sensing capabilities depending on the nature of the application.

Is the LR mate series of robots the right fit for your next application? Let us help you work out the best solution for your company, by contacting ASA for a Design Analysis.