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Robots going where humans cannot go….

We can’t overstate the importance of selecting the right robot for the application to maximise immediate and the long-term gains for your business. In a previous article we considered environmental and ergonomic considerations when choosing the right robot. This article further explores how through careful selection, robots can be installed even in the most extreme environments.

Models in the FANUC foundry robot series are often found in super harsh environments – ‘harsh environment’ is a broad term that can refer to any environment that is hazardous to humans or the robot within it. For example, where there is a high explosive risk, extreme temperatures or pressures, and lack of oxygen or where working conditions are challenging for workers to operate in.

Specialised FANUC robot accessories have the advantage that they provide the flexibility for manufacturers to adapt their robots in harsh conditions. Robots like the M-900iA, a model in the FANUC foundry line, are designed to work in harsh environments without fatigue, increasing productivity and saving money for the manufacturer.

FANUC foundry robots increase safety in the workplace by keeping human workers out of hazardous working conditions.

Featuring motor covers, waterproof connectors, cable covers, coatings and stainless steel bolts and washers in exposed areas, the FANUC SDLP package improves your robots’ resistance to harsh, dusty or wash environments. The package also features IP56 protection on the main body and IP67 protection on the J3 arm and wrist unit.

The IP Code, or Ingress Protection Code, classifies and rates the degree of protection provided by mechanical casings and electrical enclosures against intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water.

FANUC’s M-710iC/50 SE FoundryPRO robot is IP67 protected for operation in the harshest environments. The entire robot is coated with a special epoxy, and the wrist has protective covers to withstand high-pressure washing. In addition, the base of the robot purges air to avoid vapor entrance. FANUC has also incorporated coated bolts and double oil seals at the joints, making this a truly waterproof robot.

Robots now come in numerous forms and sizes, each possessing vastly different functions and intended for deployment in very different circumstances. Robots can be installed in harsh environments where health and environmental risks are a factor, and where an improvement is an absolute necessity, so there’s no reason to hesitate to go with robots where humans cannot go.