FANUC’s M710iC series robot is one of ASA’s preferred choice of robot to install when moving medium payloads (payload range: 12 to 70kgs). The small footprint, slim wrist and versatile configuration of the M710iC robot series (floor, ceiling or angle mounted) means it is the perfect choice when floor space is scarce, equipment congestion is an issue and when dexterity is required in favour of brute strength.

The photo below shows a current project of ASA’s in Melbourne where an M710iC/20L robot is tightly located on a rail system in between 8 machines. In this circumstance, a concept of shared work space was engineered to ensure machines remain accessible to operators during production. When the machine access is granted to the operator, the robot will not enter the machine and the light curtain at the top of the guarding detects if a person puts their hand into the robot area. When robot access is granted, the operator is locked out and the robot reaches through the light curtain into the machine.

This robot has been installed to support machine tending for all 8 machines with 4 machines located on either side of the rail system.

This image shows the long reach arm of the Fanuc M710iC/20L reaching through the light curtain into the shared zone tend to the machine.

With 3100 mm of robot reach, the M710iC/20L robot is also ideal for reaching multiple machines for multi-operation processes, where the robot transfers parts from infeed, through Op#1, Op#2, Op#3, and then out to the outfeed. The high level of repeatability and precision combined with the small wrist configuration of this robot means it is ideal for handling small to medium sized parts into chucks, collets, magnet tables, suction tables and things of the like.

As is common place with the Fanuc range of robots, the M710iC is very fast and repeatable, making them a great choice to partner with manufacturing processes that involve quick cycle times and around the clock machine tending.

The M710iC series of robots comes in standard, medium and long reach versions of both the standard and heavy payload options at each reach. The standard reach of 2050 mm offers payload options of 50 and 70 kg. The medium variety with a reach of 2600 mm offers payload options of 20 and 45 kg, while the long reach variety with a massive reach of 3100 mm offers payload options of 12 and 20kg. To round out the M710iC range is a short reach 5-axis option and an integrated rail option used for overhead machine tending, with these various configurations, the M710iC range of robots really does cover a broad spectrum of mid-sized robot applications when considering the reach and payload.


To maximise the capabilities of your M710iC robots, Fanuc provides a suite of Intelligent Robot options that integrate seamlessly with the robot. An example of this is the integrated Force Torque sensor option that ASA are commissioning for the customer. ASA are using the sensor to measure absolute location of a part, then to autogenerate a tracking profile of the part to monitor the load of a deburring tool, while contouring the part to remove moulding flash.

Integrated Robotic vision options include, but are not limited to, 2D Vision, 3D laser vision and 3D area scanner. These intelligent options are connected to the robot controller and the resultant image processing and positional calculations are completed by the robot controller, meaning the process is handled rapidly and in accordance to the robots’ frame of reference without additional, 3rd party hardware, PC’s or vision processors that require complex integration with the robot.

All Intelligent Robot options are fully integrated to the robot controller and factory fitted with cables routed through the robot body. These are all Fanuc products with all setting, schedules, results and visualisation through the robot pendant, not 3rd party products that are subsequently integrated with the robot.