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Grit Blasting
Grit Blasting

Revolutionising Grit Blasting with Robotic Solutions

Are you in the surface preparation and shot peening industry, wondering how to enhance productivity and efficiency? Discover the incredible cost-saving benefits and improvements that come with adopting robotic solutions for your grit blasting needs.

Reduced Capital and Operating Costs With Robotic Grit Blasting

One of the most significant advantages of switching to robotic grit blasting is the reduction in capital and operating costs. Take compressed air consumption as an example. Studies indicate that a substantial portion of industrial energy costs goes into compressed air, typically ranging from 10% to 30%.

Traditional automatic machines often use multiple nozzles, consuming a significant amount of compressed air. In contrast, a robot equipped with a single blast nozzle achieves a superior finish while drastically reducing compressed air consumption. So, let’s break it down! If your facility operates under high electricity costs, the savings can be substantial. For instance, a robot costs significantly less to run compared to a complex automatic machine, resulting in potential annual savings of up to $86,000.00.

Media Consumption Savings in Robotic Grit Blasting

The adoption of robotic solutions also leads to dramatic reductions in media consumption in grit blasting, as there is no cross-firing of guns. This reduction in media usage results in significant cost savings and a considerable reduction in waste, often up to 30%.

Smaller Ancillary Equipment and Labor Savings in Robotic Grit Blasting

Robotic grit blasting requires smaller ancillary media reclamation systems, reducing capital investments and the overall footprint needed for the application. Additionally, the labor required for manual grit blasting can be substantially reduced through automation.

Improved Product Quality and Consistency With Robotic Grit Blasting

Robotic grit blasting applications offer improved product quality and consistency. Robots maintain target distances, minimise cross-fire, and ensure optimal shot impact angles, resulting in a far more consistent surface profile. This consistency enhances the adherence of corrosion prevention coatings and generates an even compressive stress pattern, increasing the life cycle of products.

Increased Manufacturing Uptime with Grit Blasting Robots

Robotic solutions significantly increase manufacturing uptime. Robots can operate continuously, reducing the need for constant visual inspection and rest allowances. Moreover, offline programming capabilities enable seamless transitions between different production runs in grit blasting, minimising downtime.

Embracing robotic grit blasting offers manufacturers a multitude of benefits, including reduced operating costs, improved product quality, and increased uptime. By adopting these innovative solutions, companies can compete effectively with low-cost overseas markets while optimising their factory’s efficiency. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to innovate and thrive in the competitive world of grit blasting.

Ready to explore the advantages of grit blasting robots further? At ASA we integrate FANUC robots for your robotic grit blasting needs. Phone ASA on 1800 ROBOTS, or email us at [email protected]

Grit Blasting
Grit Blasting


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