Michael Boonzaayer has 14 years experience working for ASA in the robotic automation industry as a process and installation engineer on a large number of projects across a wide variety of countries.

Michael started his career as an installation engineer, installing and troubleshooting systems electrically, mechanically & pneumatically. This gave Michael the opportunity develop in depth knowledge of how the system works from the ground up. Michael spent the first half of his career based at Holden installing over 40 paint robots in a support role and leading all breakdowns and continuous improvement activities. Michael was able to build a great knowledge base to quickly troubleshoot and solve any issues that would arise. Michael is experienced installing, programming and trouble shooting industrial robots (tending, polishing and welding) as well as paint and sealant dispensing robots. He has worked closely with countless manufacturing quality engineers to optimise their robotic application processes in their facility and he has attained valuable experience with solvent borne and water borne paint, 2K paint processing, as well as sealant applications.

What has been your favourite robot to work with?

I have worked on a whole range of different robots over the years. But If I was to choose one, I would say that I enjoy working on the Fanuc P700. This robot is really flexible, advanced and very fast and reliable. A P700 robot is normally coupled with a door, Hood or Hatch opener robot which are all attached and track along a rail. Interior cut in paint processing is probably my favorite type of painting application as it is complex with many robots communicating between each other. I enjoy the challenge of creating advanced programs which are all smooth and efficient as well as being easy enough for the plant personnel to follow and be able to make changed if necessary.

Favourite country you’ve worked in?

I have travelled to many different countries with ASA including Egypt, China, Mexico, India, America, Canada, Thailand, Argentina, and Korea to name a few. It’s hard to pick a favorite country as they are just so different from each other. I love to get into the culture and trying each country’s foods and traditions. Visiting Egypt’s pyramids this year at a GM project we executed was a definite highlight! As many countries as I have travelled to, one thing I can say is that with each new plant I visit, I’ve been lucky enough to form close relationships with all of my customers. I work hard for them and we really work as a team. No matter which country, which customer and what job it is, the customer and ourselves have the same goals. We both want the project to run on time, on budget and exceed quality expectations.

Our attitude has always naturally been to work with the customer rather than for the customer. This has always proven to work really well as together we all own the project and strive for success.