Automated Facilities Support Agreements, or AFSA’s, represent a partnered investment in best practice and continuous improvement for the client.

As part of an AFSA, skilled professionals are placed on site, to target improvements in manufacturing and optimise daily performance. These agreements are measured on the following key performance indicators:

  • Increased equipment uptime (through scheduling of preventative maintenance, equipment maintainability, and training of personnel). Measurable is Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF), or downtime frequency.
  • Increased Time Buy (FTB) from the Automation. Plant measurable indicator is FTB and FRC.
  • Reduced system downtime (emergency response to issues and breakdowns). Indicator will be Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).
  • Increased customer satisfaction. Performance indicator will be tangible customer surveys, conducted on a quarterly basis.
  • Reduced material usage per job. Basis will be data tracked from the Graphical User Interface (GUI), coupled with usage data supplied by vendor, whilst maintaining acceptable quality standards as dictated by the process team.
  • Decreased process cycle time, measured through processing time.


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